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Our Solar Panels

At SAE Group, we pride ourselves in the selection of the highest quality products available. Whether it is solar, air conditioning, general electrical or energy efficient lighting solutions, SAE Group are at the forefront of high quality, long-lasting electrical products.


Perlight Solar Panels - High performance solar panels

perlight solar photon cover

Perlight solar are a US based company with specialist solar panel technologies that rival even the best panels. With manufacturing based in both the US and China, perlight are an excellent option for both residential and commercial premises.

Perlight 250W Polycrystalline Solar Panel Datasheet

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Seraphim Solar Panels - The Premium, #1 Performing Solar Panel In The Photon Laboratory Field Test.

seraphim solar photon cover

Seraphim Energy are a premium solar module manufacturer, specialising in the highest quality solar panel and solar cell technology which is currently available. Seraphim solar recently achieved excellent results in the independant Photon International solar module field test. See here for details.

Seraphim Solar Photon Test Results
Seraphim 250W Polycrystalline Solar Panel Datasheet

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WINAICO Solar Panels - A European option with high returns

winaico cover

WINAICO is a German-based company with module manufacturing operations based in Taiwan. The panel manufacturing process meets stringent German standards and has the effect of an extremely durable panel that produces power in even the harshest conditions.

View WINAICO Datasheet


Nexpower Solar Panels - Highly versatile and extremely good thin-film panel performance.

nexpower cover

NEXPOWER offers a range of high performance, thin film solar panels for those without roof space restrictions. Nexpower panels perform extremely well under low light conditions.

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SAE Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company rich in experience with energy efficient technology. Our Directors have over 30 years of combined experience as electrical contractors providing professional, economical and sustainable solutions. Our diverse experience and flexibility in meeting our clients' needs is what defines SAE Group with expertise in solar power, energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning and all electrical services.




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